Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fate/stay night in Kobe

Yesterday I went all day to Kobe.
I don't enjoy sightseeing that much, and during my stay here I visited relatively few places, but Kobe was in my "absolutely must go" list.

The reason is that Fuyuki, the city where Fate/stay night takes place, is heavily based in Kobe.

First I went to Port Island to see the Kobe Oohashi:

Nice Boat.

Then I went to Kitano-cho, the foreign residences district:

The street to Kotomine's church in the game. Is not the exact angle, because I was unable to take the picture in the middle of the road.

The slope to the Western-styled residences.

And Tohsaka residence. In the game is sightly modified.

The real name is Weathercock House because of it's trademark vane, but it doesn't appear in any of the photos that I took (I fail as a photographer).

As a souvenir I purchased... The IdolM@ster SP Missing Moon. In the shop they still had the limited edition.


Anonymous said...

Wow so cool seeing the actual life size of the area and building!

thanks for sharing !

Soth said...

I suck at taking pictures, but seeing it in real life was very enjoyable.

Thanks for your comment!

Malkuth said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the images, mate ;)