Saturday, March 7, 2009


A bit off topic here.
One of the future releases of the Figma line during this year is a Vespa motorcycle.

Is a PX model, the same model that I had been using for years at my job in Spain.
But that is not the funny part. I'm working for Correos, the national postal service of Spain, and the corporate color is bright yellow. The uniforms, post boxes and vehicles are also yellow, so the Vespa looks exactly the same (except for the detachable windshield and back coffin):

The other famous yellow Vespa is the one ridden by Haruhara Haruko in FLCL, an old SS model.

I'm not a motorcycle fan, in fact I hate to drive, but after years of using it I'm somewhat hooked.
In 2005, when I really needed my own vehicle, I prefered to buy a motorcycle instead of a car (in the last 10 years I only drove a car about 50 times). I wanted to buy a Vespa and paint it yellow ala FLCL, but my brother convinced me to buy a black Honda Shadow instead.


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