Friday, February 20, 2009

Geki Maga Negidaku

Yesterday I received an order that I put in Toranoana almost two weeks ago:

Geki Maga Negidaku is a commercially released anthology of erotic parodies of Negima. Most of the works are of mid to low quality for my tastes, and since I didn't read the original manga, I'm a bit alienated from the characters. So why I purchased it? Because one of the authors listed is Kikuta Kouji, also know as only Kikuta (in katakana) from circle King Revolver.

Since I bought all his doujinshi (at least all that I'm aware of), I was googling for more info using his name instead of his pen name or his circle name and found this.
Is odd that in this book his circle name is cited as Ningen Doubutsu Zetsumetsu Gakkai instead of the known (and easy to remember) King Revolver. I put a question on his BBS about about the matter and if he had more works published in commercial comics, but I'm not expecting a satisfactory answer because last time, when I asked him about a list of his works he said that MelonBooks database contained almost all of his works, when I own at least one of his doujinshi that doesn't appear on it.

Well, returning to the anthology, I expected him to draw Chachamaru, because is pretty much Serio with green hair, but he opted for Kaede.

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