Monday, February 9, 2009

Doujinshi purchases

Yesterday I went to Osaka because over a month and half had passed since my last visit.

First I went to Mandarake Umeda, because last time I went was in September, in my first trip to Osaka. Is near the Umeda Station, but since that station is like a labyrinth, is really hard to find the right exit. I pick the nearest exit and once outside I going around the station until a Namco Land arcade center. From there is straight following that shopping arcade.
From all the Mandarake shops that I visited (Grand Chaos, Nakano, Shibuya and Complex), Umeda have the smallest doujinshi section. At the end I didn't buy anything there, so I went to Nipponbashi.

First I went to Melonbooks Osaka, to check if they had the new releases of Sunshine Creation (that was yesterday). They had only a few of them, but luckily Oppai Suki? Boku Wa Suki, the newest doujinshi of Kikuta from circle King Revolver, was one of them.
The main character is Rider with the wrestling suit (from the last April Fools' joke of TYPE-MOON).

After that I went to K-Books Nanba. I didn't expect anything new but I found:

Enikki Recycle 7 and 8 with the extra booklet Beat Angel by A1 from circle Initial G.
I discovered this author for his pics of To Heart that sadly are not longer available on his website (but still uses in his banners). His real name is Yoshioka Eiichi, known for being the character designer of Quiz Magical Academy games.
He maintains a picture diary that every 6 months compiles in a DVD that sells at Comiket. As a bonus he does small booklets that sells along with the DVD. He draws stuff from from several series, but among his preferences (that changes often) are To Heart, Muv-Luv, Marimite and in the past few years mostly iDOLM@STER.

Hakanai, a Kiddy Grade doujinshi from circle Irodori. This circle is very prolific and contains several authors, but the main one is SOYOSOYO.
I bought it because it contains a 6 color pages collaboration by Shirotsumekusa from circle CRAZY CLOVER CLUB.

And Doppo, an old R.O.D. doujinshi by circle King Revolver. Finally I own all the doujinshi by this author, yaaay!

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