Sunday, October 17, 2010

Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection

Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection is a massive compilation of visual material used for the second Evangelion movie.

The contents are:
  • 2 hard cover books with the material collection.
  • 2 soft cover books with the storyboards.
  • A box for the hard cover books.
  • A film strip
  • A tote bag (pre-order limited item)
The storyboards are divided in two books. The first one, called avant+A+B Part, covers until the eyecatch (232 pages) , and the second one called C+D Part covers until the end (292 pages).

Nude Asuka scene.

This time the contents of the storyboards are almost all brand new, not like the ones for the first movie that was literally an amplified photocopy of the storyboards for the series. Only a few scenes like the fight against Bardiel or the first part of the Asuka and Rei elevator action are reusing the old storyboards.

The unfinished scenes that appeared as an extra in the blu-ray disc are also included. In the photo, Ritsuko says that Ayanami is always wearing the same plain underwear, and suggest her to ask Gendou to buy some cute ones. Rei responds that is unnecessary.

The most shocking scene at the end was not featured in the movie. Inside the Eva-03, the angel takes Asuka's face and says in Kaworu's voice that "a happy Asuka is not like you", then Asuka says that her happy self is scary and tries to put her usual face back.

The two hardcover books contains all the illustrated material and interviews. The Complete Records Collection for the first movie contained only one hard cover book, but this time is divided in two because the movie digest takes the whole of one of the books. Is called Film (362 pages) and is the entire movie scene by scene, with the dialogue when available.

"You're quite impertinent for a doll."

At the end there's also included the music cue sheet marking when each track begins and ends, and the script of all the background dialog.

The second book is the biggest one, with 436 pages. The first part contains character designs, rough sketches, early concepts... pretty much all the visual reference for the movie.

Mari's second plugsuit color checks and designs.

Mari's character design evolution. At first she seemed the twin sister of Clarisse from The Castle of Cagliostro.

Rough sketches for Asuka's test plugsuit.

Eva's data, details for Eva-05 and Mark.06

Zeruel's rough sketches. I'm glad they finally opted for a more conservative design.

The rest of the book is mostly interview with the movie staff raging from Anno and Sadamoto to the sub-directors and the image boards artist. I didn't read through all of it, but it contains several unused storyboard ideas, some of them quite interesting.

Mari's first appearance bandaged like Rei. In other one (non pictured), she takes the personality of Asuka, Anta baka? included.

Angry Ayanami in her suicide scene.

A "suggestive" scene between awakened Eva-01 and the giant Rei.

Mari and Asuka piloting the Eva-02 together!?!

At the end of each hard cover book, there are a couple of foldout posters drawn by Sadamoto.

Mari in the Archives book and Asuka in the Film book.

And finally, the film strip. At last I got one featuring the female pilots!

Rei (and half the head of Asuka) eating at the aquarium.


Darkluna said...

Hey, I've come wandering through via Great scans/photos of the 2.0 Complete Record! Does that happen to have the designs to Kaworu's new plugsuit as well?

Soth said...

Yes. It have a single page, that I uploaded here:

Darkluna said...

Oh awesome, thank you very much! I've had a tough time trying to find references for the back of the plugsuit. (Now unto the quest of finding something for the bottom of the feet..)

Thanks again!

alex.fabiaan said...

each image in this book left me breathless!
appears something about artillery or combat tools?
some other alternative designs for the angels?
aaaaa, heartfelt thanks for the pictures!

Nate said...

How were you able to order it to America? I'me looking to purchase this same book, but won't deliver it out of Japan.

Soth said...


First, I didn't ordered it to America but to Spain, and second, I bought it at a year and half ago when was first released! Now as a matter of fact is completely sold out, so your only choice is to ask for it in a second hand shop that ships internationally, like Mandarake.