Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Annin Doufu Illust Works - BRILLIANT IDOL

Next in the review list is Annin Doufu Illust Works - BRILLIANT IDOL artbook.

This book collects five years of Annin Doufu's drawings for THE iDOLM@STER.
iM@S character designer is Kubooka Toshiyuki, and he's the one responsible for the main illustrations such as game covers and character profiles pictures, but Annin Doufu does the pictures for the merchandising, the CD jackets and the inserts in magazines. In the last couple of years, she became the main illustrator for the series.

The full version of the cover, that features both the 765 Pro girls (+Takane and Hibiki) and the 876 Pro girls (and boy).

The book have a weird format, is a regular DIN A4 size but horizontal instead of vertical, and contains 151 full color pages.
The contents are divided in art from CD jackets (56 pages), art from the Weiβ Schwarz cards (16 pages), art from magazines (38 pages), and art from official items like calendars and the pictures from the mobile phones website (24 pages).
The oldest picture is from late 2005 and the newest is from this year's January.

Most of the cd jackets pictures includes several rough sketches that shows the evolution of the original idea.

Includes also the Master Special series, up to the Master Special Spring.

The Weiβ Schwarz cards.

The art from magazines section includes also stuff like the illustrations used for the freebie stickers.

Illustrations from an early iM@S artbook called Platinum Album. The Haruka to the left was the first iM@S work by Annin Doufu.

The exclusive pictures from THE iDOLM@STER Mobile, accessible only via mobile phone.

Pictures from a concert limited calendar.

Pictures for THE iDOLM@STER SP DLC.


Singer Yuna said...

Precioso artbook, unas ilustraciones fantasticas, me encanta la del fondo negro...muy buena compra Soth ^^

Ryo said...

Este artbook me tiene enamorado desde que lo vi! espero poder conseguirlo >_<

Como han dicho ahi arriba, una compra genial Soth!!! ^^

Soth said...