Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fate/EXTRA Perfect Guide

With pages like GameFAQs or the thousand of wikis, a guidebook for a videogame is unnecessary, so most of them are more an artbook rather than a guidebook, featuring character art, endings, rough sketches...
Sadly, Fate/EXTRA Perfect Guide is a guidebook in the more strict sense.

I expected a gallery section with early design and sketches, or at least the screenshots of each Servant when they explain their lives, but this guidebook doesn't include any "Gallery" section, all the screen shots are in thumbnail format and most of the characters portraits are the same that appears in the user's manual.

The first part shows the characters with a brief explanation for each.

The stats page for each of the 3 playable Servants.

Most of the guide is like this: a "what to do" list, a map, and the info about the regular enemies.

The "exciting" page to the right is all the info available in the guidebook about the final boss.

The last part, called "Extra", is the in-game info about each Servant... without including their real names or they backgrounds.

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