Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1/10 Kisaragi Chihaya & Ganaha Hibiki by Wave

And the last figure review (for now, since I have 6 more figures to review) is a double one, covering 1/10 Kisaragi Chihaya and 1/10 Ganaha Hibiki by Wave, released in November and January respectively under the Beach Queens figure line.

Chihaya sculpt is by Clumsy Zero, who also sculpted Beach Queen Azusa.
Unlike the rest of the Beach Queens THE iDOLM@STER characters, Chihaya uses the swimsuit from the second game. Is not a big deal in Chihaya because she hardly changed from the first game to the second (even keeping the same bust size despite aging one year), but it can be a bit of a problem if Wave keeps releasing iM@S characters (the already released Miki, Azusa and Haruka have all their iM@S 1 designs, and most of the characters that are left are quite different in their iM@S 2 appearance...)

It includes two faces, one smiling and one ashamed. This is the smiling one.

And this is the ashamed. Note that both arms can be moved a little.

Side view featuring all the glamour of Miss 72.

Back shot.

Hibiki is sculpted by Abira, who also did Takane figure and Haruka.
Unlike Chihaya that have the problem that is using her newest design, Hibiki (like Takane) uses the same swimsuit in both iDOLM@STER SP and iDOLM@STER 2, so she can represent either continuity.

As usual, it also includes two heads, a winking one...

...and a normal one.

Side view. The only complain that I have is that is too pale! Being Okinawan, Hibiki is the only iM@S girl that is tanned and is not reflected in the figure.

Back view.

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