Thursday, March 22, 2012

Groundwork of Evangelion 2.0 Parts 1 & 2

Released in last year's May and last year's October, Groundwork of Evangelion 2.0 parts 1 and 2 are a selection of key animation drawings (genga) for the movie Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

Unlike the Groundwork book for the first movie that was released in a single volume, the second movie is divided in two books. Part 1 is 328 pages long and includes (as the title suggests) the first half of the movie (up to the scene of Asuka trying to make dinner) and part 2 is 384 pages long and covers the second part of the movie.

Like previous Groundwork books by Gainax, the first few pages are in color and includes promotional pictures plus the genga versions of it.

Fanservice Mari that was the cover of the last issue of Continue magazine

This part also includes some full colored key animations.

The rest are a selection of key animations. Some of them are rather lenghty sequences while other are just a few eye-catching scenes. Some random pages:

Rei at the school

Naked Asuka without censorship!

Mari in the Eva-02

Kaworu final scene with the Evangelion Mark.06

Plugsuit Rei and Asuka before the battle with Sahaquiel

Eva-00 running sequence

Eva-01 extracting Zeruel's core

Eva-01 final form


Anonymous said...

Hi there, cool review. Could you tell me if there are any colour pics & genga versions of Kaworu in any of the Groundwork books?
Thanks in advance!

Soth said...

The only pages with Kaworu are the one pictured and the following one that is a close up of his face in 4 panels.