Saturday, March 17, 2012

1/6 Miura Azusa -Moment of Fate- by Good Smile Company

And now let's resume the figure reviews, starting with one I purchased back in July, 1/6 Miura Azusa -Moment of Fate- by Good Smile Company.

Released back in 2007, is still the best iDOLM@STER figure so far.
It was in my wishlist for a while but I never decided to buy it because of the abusive price (it was originally 9,800 yen, but now you can't find it for less than 20,000), but I finally bought it before the airing of the anime to avoid a price increment due to the raise of popularity.

Sculpted by Unikurage, this figure was sold only via the now defunct Idolmaster Official Goods Shop as part of the Birthday Commemoration goods.
The sculpt is flawless and the coloring is perfect. Is not only the best iM@S figure, but is among the best figures I've seen.

Even her dog Toratan is sculpted nicely.

Front side. The bouquet is quite heavy and uses an extra support in form of a plastic rod (not pictured because is rather ugly).

Back side. The wedding dress is stylish and fits perfectly Azusa.

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