Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fate/side side materiale complete

To complete yesterday's review of Fate/complete material IV Extra material, this entry is the review for the extra artbook also included, Fate/side side materiale complete.

As I said in the previous entry, this book compiles the previous 3 side side materiale books with an extra one only for this edition.

The side side materiale books (nicknamed "Are Hon" or "That Book") were the exclusive bonus if you preordered the Fate games directly from TYPE-MOON's webpage. Fate/side side materiale was the extra of Fate/stay night, Fate/side side materiale 2 was the extra of Fate/hollow ataraxia and Fate/side side materiale 3 was the extra of Fate/stay night [Réalta nua].
As can be seen in the picture above, the format of this book is considerably larger than the original releases.

The contents of those books is rather random, mostly congratulation messages from the staff members and guest artist making pictures to commemorate the release of the game. There's also a lot of stuff that is hardly categorizable and doesn't fit anywhere else, so it ends in those books as well.

Random photo of Fate/side side materiale 1, draft for the opening movie.

Random photo of Fate/side side materiale 2, the message from Takeuchi, and early designs of Caren and Kaleido Ruby.

Random photo of Fate/side side materiale 3

By the way, those 3 books were very limited and are now collector items expensive and hard to find (specially the first book) but are available to download in pdf format at TYPE-MOON webpage.

And now the new contents:

Random Takeuchi's drafts from diverse sources: his webpage, covers from the spin-off games...

Magical girl Saegusa Yukika

Guest illustrations. Caster Lily by Koyama Hirokazu and Rin by Takayama Kisai

I particulary like this drawing by Morii Shizuki homaging this legendary Chun-li picture by Bengus/CRMK

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