Monday, March 12, 2012

Fate/complete material IV - Extra material

Now is the turn to review an artbook that I received almost 8 months ago, Fate/complete material IV Extra material., mostly because in a few days I'll receive the latest volume, Fate/complete material V Hollow material..

This artbook also includes Fate/side side materiale complete, a compilation of the previous 3 side side materiale books plus an extra 4 volume exclusive to this compilation. Since this entry is quite heavy on images, I'll review it in the next one.

Extra material is mostly a gallery of Fate related games not included in the previous books (Fate/unlimited codes, Fate/tiger colosseum and Fate/Extra) plus a bit of Fate/Zero. The only new material are the characters designs for an scrapped project for an online game, Fate/Apocrypha.

The first part covers Fate/unlimited codes; illustration for each character, their endings and face portraits.

Luviagelita Edelfelt entry. Her picture in the selection screen and her opening and ending images.

Saber Alter face portraits and her pre-battle image.

The last section covers promotional art and illustrations that appeared in merchandising.

Next is the turn of Fate/tiger colosseum, including the characters and new endings that appeared in the sequel, Fate/tiger colosseum Upper.

Rin entry. To the left her endings in the regular game (up) and in Upper (down)

Again including promotional art at the end, like this two pictures that appeared as telephone cards.

Fate/Extra section is really short, covering only a brief profile of each character:

Main character(s) and Saber

Leo & Gawain and Pieceman & Saver

Fate/Zero is also quite short, covering mostly the illustrations from the novels and the drama cd's.

The character profiles directly from the novels.

Illustration from the novel (upper right), Return to Zero cd cover (upper left) and the image from the drama cd's holder box.

And as I said, the only new content is Fate/Apocrypha, a project to do an online game using original servants that was finally canceled.
Most of the servants were designed and/or drawn by different guest artists, and it have almost nothing to do with TYPE-MOON universe...

Karna (Lancer class) is the only one out of the fully developed characters that was designed by Nasu (and drawn by pako, character designer in some entries of the Shining Force Saga and most recently in Un-Go)

The trap Astolfo (class Rider) designed by Hoshizora Meteo and drawn by Konoe Ototsugu from circle Closet Child.

And Joan of Arc, the only character from Apocrypha designed by Nasu AND drawn by Takeuchi, that was supposed to be the special administrator of the Grail War under the class Ruler. Since it was supposed to be a NPC, her entry is not as long as the others.

I'll try to review Fate/side side materiale complete tomorrow.

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