Friday, March 30, 2012

IDOLM@STER Blu-ray & Gravure For You! Vol. 5

Received just a while ago, this is the review of the 5th Blu-ray of iDOLM@STER and Gravure For You! Vol. 5 for PS3.
The episodes included are 12, 13 and 14 and again the "Special" section includes creditless endings and the extended episode previews from the website.
The extra audio commentary track features Hara Yumi (Takane) Asakura Azumi (Yukiho), Hasegawa Akiko (Miki) and Wakabayashi Naomi (Ritsuko).

This time the extras included are the usual ending postcards, the I-Gra!! magazine, the bonus cd Perfect Idol 03 and the booklet Key Art Collection Volume 2.

Ending postcards. Episode 13 was the mid-run episode and only had one picture.

Perfect Idol 03, contains as usual four tracks: "Kimi no mama de" (sung by Haruka, Yukiho and Ritsuko), "Otome yo Taishi o Idake!! -NEO ACOUSTIC Rearrange Mix-" (Haruka), "Kosmos, Cosmos -NEO ACOUSTIC Rearrange Mix-" (Yukiho) and "Massugu -NEO ACOUSTIC Rearrange Mix-" (Ritsuko).

Key Art Collection Volume 2 is a selection of genga illustrations from episodes 7 to 13.

Shocked Haruka from episode 9

Miki's smile in episode 13

Gravure For You!
Vol. 5 setting this time is a female room using "Good Sleep Pajama" and the white version of "School Swimsuit". In "Extras" section you can choose "Nekomimi Mode", that adds white cat ears and tail to the swimsuit

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