Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Canaan Official Fanbook

Canaan Official Fanbook was also released in February '10 by Ichijinsha.

Is mostly a compilation of pictures and a episode digest, but is the only easily available artbook for CANAAN, and considering there's no word for the movies announced, this may be the last piece of merchandise related to that anime (not counting the ongoing manga).

The gallery section is quite extensive, and covers most of the pictures that appeared on magazines and advertisements.

This time there are works by Takeuchi in the gallery. In terms of fidelity to the original Takeuchi's designs, CANAAN is the closest from all the TYPE-MOON anime adaptations.

Even the fan-service pictures are somewhat in-character.

The pictures used to promote and model the 1/8 Canaan and the 1/8 Alphard figures by Good Smile Company.

Setting material for the anime. The ones on the upper left are the ones used in the bonus chapter of 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya De~.

Summary for each episode...

...with special "pick-up moments" for the key scenes. Poor Liang Qi...

Opening with the storyboard.

And finally some interview with the cast. In the photo, Sawashiro Miyuki (voice of Canaan) and Nanjou Yoshino (Maria).

And Sakamoto Maaya (Alphard seiyuu).

The other side of the cover features Alphard as well.

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