Monday, March 7, 2011

Tohsaka Rin Shashin Shuu

Tohsaka Rin Shashin Shuu or Rin Tohsaka Portraits in it's official English name, is an artbook released in February '10 focused exclusively in the anime version Rin.

This is actually the second atrbook released. The first one was for Saber (I did an entry about it two years ago) and was pretty much the same; a collection of pin-ups drawn by several artist (except Takeuchi).
For some reason Ichijinsha books are hard to keep open, so forgive my fingers in the borders of the following pictures.

Most of the pictures came from magazines, and features the anime version of Rin in all sort of situations.

Usually, Rin depictions in the book are rather out of character...

..or directly slutty.

There is a scarce section with setting materials for the anime.

And a brief summary of events from the anime with Tohsaka actively participating.

Included, there's 7 bromide with pictures from the book.

As I said with Saber Shashin Shuu, this artbook in not recommended at all, unless you are like me and keep collecting TYPE-MOON merchandise no matter how shitty it is.

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