Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weiss Schwarz collection update 2

A very short entry. Today I received the last 3 Weiß Schwarz cards I ordered, plus the 27 that I received last week:

With this, my collection status is:

THE iDOLM@STER: Now I have all the promo cards. I'm still missing 12 SR cards.

Fate stay/night: Now I have all the promo cards besides the Chibi Rin promo card, that I have already ordered. Missing 3 triple rares and 3 SR.

Fate hollow/ataraxia: Now I have all the foil versions and all the promo cards. Completed!

Melty Blood: All the 100 from the booster and all the promo cards. Missing 3 SP and one SR.

For WS cards sales and trades, please visit this post!


Sobzob said...

That's nice!
Hey, I actually ordered some WS starter decks and I need more people to play with.
I put my msn in the URL field in case you wanna play through cam sometime.

Sobzob said...

Seems like the linking failed, lol.