Monday, March 21, 2011

Fate Unlimited Blade Works guidebook and pamphlet

Two more items that I received in the last loot, and both related to the Unlimited Blade Works movie:

Gekijouban Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS Koushiki Guidebook, released on February by Kadokawa Shoten, is the official guidebook for the movie. The other is the theatrical pamphlet sold at theaters while the movie was airing.

The Official guidebook begins with a gallery section:

Pictures used in magazines, using the re-designs for the anime by Ishihara Megumi (Club40).

Some of them were drawn exclusively for this book, like this one by Makita Yoshinobu.

A summary of the movie.

Characters profiles.

The only setting in this book are for the background, not the characters.

There are a quite extensive part with staff interviews:

Long interview with the voice actors Suwabe Jun'ichi (Archer) and Ueda Kana (Rin)...

...Sugiyama Noriaki (Shirou) and Kawasumi Ayako (Saber)

A summary of the TV episodes.

A short list of Fate related merchandise.

And a message from TYPE-MOON with an exclusive picture by Takeuchi Takashi.

Theatrical pamphlets are always available for anime movies. Those are sold at the theaters in the first weeks of the movie airing and usually features thumbnails, summaries, character profiles, interviews and a ton of merchandise advertising . This one is not an exception, is a short 30-pages pamphlet with nothing really outstanding.

Several pages are a collage of screen shots from the movie.

Characters profiles.

It also features short interviews with Nasu, Yamaguchi Yuuji (director) and the voice actors Sugiyama, Kawasumi, Ueda and Suwabe and a small glossary of terms.

The theatrical pamphlets are not really worth the purchase, so are more a memento than anything else. The only thing that I made me purchase it is that the first print contained an exclusive Weiss Schwarz promo card, and like the Dream Symphony cd's, is easier and cheaper purchase the item than included the card than purchase the single card.

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