Saturday, June 6, 2009

Piece Of Heart & TYPE-MOON telecards

Sorry for the lack of updates. We are catching up the missing classes and the pace and the amount of homework increased a lot...

The past saturday I received another package again from Comshop.

Piece Of Heart is a To Heart drama cd.
The story is about Serio (voiced by Neya Michiko) trying to help her classmate Tazawa Keiko (voiced by Minami Omi) to confess her love to the guy she likes.


Extra booklet

Random pages

Random page 2

I also bought a couple of telephone cards.
In September, I bought a telephone card holder, and slowly I'm filling it.
Since my camera is rather old and my room is pretty dark, is hard to take pictures of small things such as telecards, so every time I purchased one I omit it in the blog.

Card Holder. I think it was a shop extra when purchasing Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua].

Telephone cards from Fate/stay night

Telephone cards from Fate/hollow ataraxia

Telephone cards from Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]

Telephone cards from Fate/unlimited codes

Telephone cards from Kara no Kyokai and MELTY BLOOD

I have a couple more of telecards in Spain, the Fate/hollow ataraxia one with Saber and Rin dressed as Arcueid and Ciel, and the All Around TYPE-MOON one from Comiket 72. In the computer I have a pic of the former that I took years ago along with shitajikis, a key holder and phone straps.

I don't really collect TYPE-MOON telephone cards because there are so many of them that is almost impossible. Also, the rare ones can easily surpass the 10,000 yen price and even 50,000 yen, that is way too much for a tiny plastic sheet...
As I said in a previous post, I buy the telephone cards that I find with a price of about 1,000 yen, taking priority the ones with original drawings over in-game character cuts, CGs, game covers... In the end, there are not many telecards that I want and even less that I buy.


Archerwannabe said...

I have some that you don´t!!! :D


Yeah, same here, not really up for collecting those. The only ones I really REALLY want are that Akiha one shop extra for MB AA and this
Another one being that Saber & Rin cosplay one, of which I´m glad I have it now.

How much is/was that card holder? And how how many sleeves does it have?

Soth said...

There are several that I want, mostly the ones with pictures that didn't re-appeared anywhere else, but I'm not willing to pay 2,000 or 3,000 yen for them.
And with those prices, bidding for them via a proxy service in Yahoo! Auctions is way too expensive because the base fees are higher than the actual product.

The card holder contains 20 sheets with 3 pockets each, so it can contain up to 120 telephone cards.
I bought it via Yahoo! Auctions for 2,000 yen. Since is labeled as "Not for sale", I suppose it was a shop extra (possibly Toranoana).

Lightning Sabre said...

Oooh nice album and nice cards too! I love Saber dressed up as Arcueid. Very cute ^_^

And now I'm also paying attention to Shiki as well... I've been exposed to Kara no Kyokai a lot recently.