Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upcoming CANAAN figures

CANAAN, the upcoming anime based in a Nasu Kinoko's bonus scenario for 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya De~ with designs of Takeuchi Takashi, already have several figures in the works:

Figma Canaan is the predominant one, to be released this winter for 2,500 yen.
In the red corner, the prototypes of a Canaan PVC figure and Canaan Nendoroid can also be seen, without price or release day yet. Is also mentioned that the PVC figure is made to stand with a future Alphard figure to make a "duel scene"

Source: Hobby Japan August issue scan from http://futaba.anacel.com/figure


Archerwannabe said...

Hobby Japan, does that mean it´ll be something like this: http://figure.tsuki-board.net/figure/957_rider

As in, have to pre-order it from the magazine?

Well, I´ll most likely will be getting one, though with that kind of pose I can already see it bending D:

With the figma those joints look even worse than usual on this one unfortunately.

Soth said...

No, is not a magazine exclusive. Hobby Japan is a figure magazine and this is just the info that appeared in the latest issue. The figma is confirmed as a regular release, and in the other two is not mentioned but I doubt it.

I also I'm not very fond of figma joints and the SD designs of the nendoroids... but again I must purchase them.

kyouray said...

I'm not fond of action figure but this Figma looks pretty good. By the way I'm looking forward to see Canaan. Thanks for the news.

Lightning Sabre said...

Wow CANAAN figure blitz! I'm not too keen on the figma, but it does look pretty cool as an action figure. Perhaps if she has a potential to play with Saber Lily... Curious what faces the Nendo will have.