Friday, June 19, 2009

Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE released

Yesterday I received both copies of Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE.

Between yesterday and today I had 3 exams, so I was unable to play it until this afternoon after classes, and I've been playing until now to see if there is any new secret character... and sadly the answer is no.

I must admit that after the initial hype, I was pretty disappointed with the PS2 version of Fate/unlimited codes and I didn't played it since January...
The main reason is that is not fun to play, and becomes a "the first that connects a combo wins" with the CPU counterattacking like crazy in all the difficulties above begginer...

Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE improved and corrected several points, but also adds several problems as well.

- Compared to the PS2 and even the arcade, is graphically almost identical.
- New costumes. Only the ones that were already known: fisherman Lancer, capeless Archer, casual Rider, hoodless Caster and goth Saber Alter.
- I think there are new missions (I don't want to lay on my forgotten PS2 only to check it...).
- The Reflect Dash new move, that I never use except for the combo missions.

Mixed bag:
- Simplified commands. Is easier to use but unintuitive and prone to do movements "by mistake". Also, most of the previously working combos doesn't work anymore.
- The crazy difficulty on normal mode was reduced... to retarded level.
- The game is slightly faster. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

- Tainaka Sachi's vocal theme was removed both in the main screen and the roll credits.
- Can't change the simplified commands to the standard ones.
- No new character makes it pretty much the same game as the PS2 version.

And now the extras!

The Weiβ Schwarz card bundled with the game.
Is now the third Weiβ Schwarz card that I own and oddly, the power of Saber Lily is the same that the "Project Fairy" idols from iDOLM@STER.

The miko Saber tapestry and new Saber Lily tapestry. Both were WonderGOO extras for the PS2 and PSP version of the game respectively.

Fate/unlimited codes Artworks, the extra from Capcom's Extended Edition.
I'm a bit disappointed because it doesn't contain all the illustrations made for the game, and 32 pages are rather scarce... As always the following photos are really crappy:

Promotional posters for the arcade version.

Illustrations for the PS2 version.

16 pages are dedicated to each character in-game pics.

Saber Lily draft designs and in-game graphics.

Lancer from Fate/Zero and a seemingly random selection of in-game portraits.

Pics that appeared on magazines.

Another gorgeous magazine illustration that now I'm using as a wallpaper in the PSP (available at Dengeki Online).

Those pictures were made by Higurashi Ryuuji, a Capcom artist known for his works in Rockman.EXE series, that faultlessly imitates Takeuchi Takashi's style.

And finally the PSP version cover.

There are pictures that I expected to appear in the book but they doesn't appear:

Amazon's Deluxe Edition mousepad. I think I will hunt it in Yahoo! Auctions...

Sofmap's Collectors Edition cloth poster. I just won one at Yahoo! Auctions with Shopping Mall Japan.

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Lightning Sabre said...

Thanks for the review of the PSP version. I guess I'll still get the one they'll release on this side of the ocean since it'll be in English. Hopefully not too expensive. The only thing I want to track down is that Saber Lily PSP case... I didn't even know it existed before. Now I want it since it's sold out everywhere XD