Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fate/complete material III - World material.

The last review that I had in my "to do" list is Fate/complete material III World material., that was released in November and I received quite a while ago.

This is the 3rd book in the Fate/complete material set, focused in the settings for the world of Fate/stay night.

I tought it would be a forgettable book filled with the kind of information that the fans loves to discuss and made flame wars about it (and actually happened at Beast's Lair) but it also includes the new images made for Réalta Nua, so it kind of redeems the book for me.

I hate when the followers of a series tries to overanalize every single piece of information and rages when new information emerges contradicting a previously established fan speculation, and Fate fans seems really prone to do this... Really, for me is more important to see compiled all the new Réalta Nua CG than know if Shirou is able to replicate Excalibur or not...

Anyways, moving to the contents:

The first part is an explanation of the Holy Grail mechanics and the summon system.

A complete timeline, before and after the events of Fate.

And again each servant bio, this time more centered in their abilities and weapons.

The explanation of how magic works.

A compilation of background scenery and locations from Fuyuki. In the picture, Tohsaka's residence that I visited in real life.

A Nasu Kinoko FAQ answering several questions.

The rest of the book is thankfully all artwork, focused in the additions for Réalta Nua:

The infamous dragon scene that replaced the mana transfer between Saber and Shirou both in Réalta Nua and in the anime.

Newly drawn scene is Saber's route.

Rin's summoning scene.

The Rider induced dream in Rin's route, featuring yuri action between Rin and Ayako.

The newly drawn character cuts.

The next part is promotional artwork that not appeared in the previous two books:

Dekgeki Playstation magazine cover.

The cover for a Newtype extra booklet called Arts & Words and a Saber shikishi.

Rin and Archer illustration used in a telephone card.

Since the post lacks of Sakura presence, here is her picture for a trading cards collection.

And the last few pages includes the images from the new epilogue:
"Yes... welcome back, Shirou"


VeRuz said...

Stumbled upon your site while looking for a translation of the "last episode" part of the book. I'll keep looking for a complete translation but thanks for clarifying that it was meant as an alternate epilogue!

Arturia Pendragon said...

I want to buy all the "Fate/Complete Material" artbooks, but..they're all on japanese and i can't read it..
A translation version would be great, but..