Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1/8 Matou Sakura -Makiri's Grail- by Gift

After a delay of several years, 1/8 Matou Sakura -Makiri's Grail- by Gift was finally released.

Dark Sakura was sculpted by Toda Satoshi (circle Yume No Kagutsuchino Koukoku), that already did Saber and Saber Alter, and the upcoming Saber Lily and Saber Extra.

There are few scaled figures of Sakura, and this is the first one in her dark form.

As usual in Toda's sculpts, the body is very detailed, with a semi-transparent effects in Sakura's clothes-tentacles and the marks all across her body.

Side view. Those white marks seem a bit out of place but are supposed to be there.

Back shot.

The other characteristic in Toda's sculpts are the realistic faces, so usually the body is gorgeous but for me the face is a let down. This is not the case with Sakura, that even with the realistic style it looks rather nice.

Like the previous Saber by Gift, includes an alternate face made by another sculptor, this time Hiroshi from circle Sakurazensen. I usually display Toda's figures with the alternate face, but this time the normal one is much better than this yandere-looking alternate.

The big point of this figure is that can be displayed with Saber Alter. Part of Sakura base is removable, and Saber Alter's base includes 3 pegs to attach Sakura base. Since both were sculpted as a pair, they look great together!

Saber Alter
was released by Solid Theather, who went bankrupt, and later re-released by Movic. Sakura was at first announced by Solid Theather, and took several years until it found a new publisher in Gift.

As can be seen, Sakura's hand was sculpted specificaly to be displayed as a pair with Saber Alter.

The Wonder Festival limited edition Saber Alter have the same base, so can be displayed together as well.

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Anonymous said...

Looks very good! Seems like all of Toda Satoshi's other figures are amazing too!