Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1/7 Saber Alter ~Vortigern~ by Good Smile Company

Keeping with figure reviews the next one is 1/7 Saber Alter ~Iron Hammer of the Terrible King (Vortigern)~ by Good Smile Company.

It shares the same scale and overall feeling of the other big scaled Saber's released, 1/7 Saber and the 1/7 Saber Lily also by Good Smile Company. Like the other two, there was a special care for the base, this time representing the insides of the cave where fought against Shirou and Rider.

The sculpt is by Hiroshi (circle Sakurazensen), that did the extra face for Gift's Sakura. This time I can't complain about the face, since is pretty nice, but I prefer the sculpt jobs of Tokunaga Hironuki or Kawahara Takayuki.

As usual with Saber Alter, the visor is included. I'm not really fan of it.

The pose is very dynamic, catching Saber in the middle of an attack.

Rear shot.

Another version of the dark Excalibur is included to do the dark beam of light attack.

Compared with the normal version of it is really massive and is one of the "charm points" of the figure, but for me it looks like a giant feather duster instead of a sword...


Sobzob said...

Personally I prefer Saber Alter with her mask. I find her a lot more attractive and gives off the whole "evil" aura a lot more like that.
I only have two Saber Alter figures myself, both being displayed with the mask.

Romancing said...

Hi, Soth, nice blog, we have a lot of things in common, both like anime, and weiss schwarz, is it possible we can talk and share information about weiss schwarz? I just recently began playing the game where I live, US, California, and have began collecting a little myself. I just started up a WS blog, and hoping to gain some more insight on the game.

Soth said...

@Romancing: Sure! I don't know a lot about WS because I don't play it and I have zero knowledge about the cards from the series that I'm not collecting, but I would gladly talk and share information.