Sunday, June 12, 2011

iDOLM@STER 2 over

I'm completely over with iDOLM@STER 2, I cleared all the 9 girls with the true endings and I got all the items available.

The stories are not as bad as I expected after finishing my first play-through, but overall I prefered the ones in the first game. And unlike the SP version that had an extra epilogue once you finished all the girls, in this game you only receive an e-mail from Takagi saying that you are a true idol master.

I redid Yukiho and Haruka parts to get the true endings. The true end addition to Haruka story, is that once you return everybody is talking how great Haruka is as a leader, and once you meet with her, she and the Producer almost do a love confession each other.
In the addition to Yukiho ending, her self composed song becomes a hit and sings all of it for you. Before going to Hollywood, she said that once you return she will reveal a secret and the Producer jokingly says "maybe is that you're in love with me?". Yukiho replies that that is not a secret, and the secret is that when she first sang half of the song was because it was unfinished.

In Mami story, she and Ami became different idols in order to see who becomes a top idol and get a boyfriend first. Since Mami was nominated in the IU Awards and Ami not, she lies and says she got a boyfriend, causing Mami to almost leave the idol business. At the end they get in good terms again and forget about boyfriends for now.

In the true ending part, they won an audition and will debut in a Hollywood movie, dragging the just arrived Producer with them.

Makoto wants to be even more cute and femenine, and trains everyday for it. At the end, she feels somewhat empty, and with the encouragement of the Producer she realizes that she wants to become not only cute but also stronger.

At the true end she attacks the Producer for helping a foreign blonde and apologizes for it. She became stronger, but still wants the Producer at her side to "protect" her.

Hibiki reason for keep so many animals is because she feels lonely. She was determined to not to keep in touch with her family or her Okinawan friends until she becomes a top idol, but at the end realizes that she needs her family and friends to become a better idol.

At the true end, Hibiki returned to Okinawa and is helping some neighbours with the touristic business, and since the idol unit is on hold until her return, the Producer goes to help as well.

Yayoi is optimist and doing her best despite the extra stress of being the unit leader and to be in charge of her little brothers and sister. When Iori, her rival but also her best friend, loses the nomination to the IA Awards she becomes kinda depressed, but with the help of the Producer (that becomes her "older brother") she return to her good spirits mood again.

In her true ending, she is competently self producing the unit, adding all the girls from 765Pro to her unit as well, but is glad that all the members of her "family" are at last together.

Results and stats:

In my last play with Yayoi I got all S rank.

The status page. I'm around the 300th place in the total fan ranking and in the 33th place in the hi-score ranking for the song "Megare!"

All the girls evenly produced.

Now the only think to do is to play with the Stage 4 You! mode. Some of the photos that I took:

"Kyun! Vampire girl" is the only song that I purchased so far, along with the vampire costume.

As can be seen in a previous post, I like the Candy Lady extended dress, that gives a very Sakura Taisen feeling to Takane.

Azusa and Takane in the Angel Swuimsuit extended outfit. Almost all the photos that I have stored in the game have Takane on it...

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