Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tsuki no Sango

Tsuki no Sango is a story by Nasu Kinoko for the Sakamoto Maaya's Full Moon Recital Hall, a weird project organized by the Japanese online magazine Saizensen that consist in Sakamoto reading short novels in a theater along with the airing of a short animation movie in the background.

The first one this series of recitals, Tsuki no Sango (Moon's coral), was held in December 21th and was aired live via Ustream:

The short movie features drawings by Takeuchi Takashi and Aikura Chihiro and was animated by studio ufotable.

The story takes place in aproximately the year 3000, when the humankind arrived at his civilization peak but is loosing it's will to keep living, and talks about a girl living in a small island with a shinning coral reef that is descendent of Moon people, and how supposedly her ancestor came to Earth. Ok, is more complicated than that, but the overall plot is that and as a very brief summary kinda works.

At the event hall a visual booklet was sold, that features the novel, illustrated by Takeuchi and Aikura:

Is rather short, only 42 pages, and most of the illustrations are landscapes and starry skies, but features some close up of the characters.

The girl that lives in the small island, called "princess" by the 50 person colony that lives with her.


SilverRain said...

Any change to know if the booklet is available on the web somewhere?

Soth said...

AFAIK, there is no scanned version of this booklet, but the novel is available in pdf format at

Anonymous said...

Also Mazui released an English translation of it