Monday, June 20, 2011


The latest batch of received doujinshi, mostly Comic Ichi releases:

Initial-G omake book
is a short copy booklet with a few pin-up images of Miki and Azusa from IdolMaster.

Itsumo no Yuukarin is the latest work by Tsukiwani. Is his second non-ecchi work that was supposed to be released in the cancelled Reitaisei. The main character this time is Yuuka.

Cute ashamed Yuuka

Haru no Bunny is the last work by Kikuta from King Revolver, starring Valkyria Chronicles' Selveria in bunny outfit.

Mado Magi Complex
is the first non-TYPE-MOON related doujinshi by Crazy Clover Club after a long, long time. Features mostly short gags featuring the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica girls.

Mami is not longer alone. I really like his works the best when he doesn't try to be serious.

And Senjou No Tsundere Senshachou by Yuzuki N', a Valkyria Chronicles 3 starring Rydia. In a semi-related note, VC3 is not being released outside Japan, so I'll buy the Japanese version once is re-released as budget version.

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