Friday, February 12, 2010

To Heart merchandise

Today is Serio's birthday, one of the very few fictional characters that I remember their birthday, so I will take the chance to do a review of all the To Heart merchandise that I own.

First, the original PC game and the PSE Edition that already reviewed here.

The Japanese dvd's of the first To Heart series. Seems that the American edition by Rightstuff was remastered and restored, so once I have enough money I'll buy that edition too.

One of the two cels that I have is this chibi Serio from the extra mini-episode #5. More details in my newly opened Cel Gallery.

Cd's. Piece of Heart drama cd (already reviewed) and To Heart anime OST.

Serio plush, released in 2003 by Sol International, was the first plush that I purchased.

Serio plush in the maintenance swimsuit, again by Sol International.

My favorite characters after Serio are the Kurusugawa sisters, so I also bought a Kurusugawa Ayaka plush...

... and a Kurusugawa Serika.

The To Heart figures that I own: 1/8 Cold Cast Kurusugawa Serika Swimsuit version (Kotobukiya, sculpt by Tokunaga Hironori) 1/8 Cold Cast Kurusugawa Ayaka (Kotobukiya, sculpt by Tomoki Maeda), 1/8 Cold Cast HMX-13 Serio (Kotobukiya, sculpt by Shirahige Tsukuru) and 1/7 Cold Cast HMX-13 Serio Nude version (Art Road, sculpt by DILL).

Actually, I have a second 1/8 Cold Cast HMX-13 Serio that I bought for only 1000 yen.

Serio trading figure (by CM's Corporation) and gashapons (by Yujin).

The To Heart artbooks that I have: To Heart Visual Fun Book and To Heart TV Animation Vol.1 and 2

To Heart Visual Fun Book is mostly based in the PSE Edition.

Includes a few short manga by Azuma Kiyohiko (Azumanga Daioh!, Yotsubato!...)

Some of the few Serio pictures.

To Heart TV Animation Vol.1 and 2 are based in the anime, including picture synopsis of each episode.

Pictures coming from magazines.

The lovely poster included.

Pins. The 3 below came as bonus in the first print of Kotobukiya models.

A mousepad, the Lycèe card that I received from Archerwannabe and the tags from the 4 plushes.

A shitajiki by Akikan (circle Credit), that was well known years ago by his Go! To! Heart!! works. Was an extra from a Serio dakimakura that I don't have T_T.

Serio shikishi by Kikuta Kouji (circle King Revolver).

That's all. Happy Birthday, Serio!

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