Sunday, February 14, 2010

Comiket 77 loot (sort of)

On November, I sold over 150 volumes from my manga collection to raise funds for the new Comic Market 77 releases and stuff released in December and January.
Some of the series that I sold was because I got tired (Naruto, Tenjou Tenge), some of them was because there's no visible end in a long term future (One Piece) and some of them because for some reason I was never happy with it (Ai Yori Aoshi).
At the end I managed to get enough money to do almost all the purchases that I wanted via Yahoo! Auctions and some on-line shops.

The full color Kara no Kyoukai Gengashuu Kessaku Sen 3, containing key animations from the Kara no Kyoukai movies 6 and 7.

The ending scene.

A cute plush of Liang Pi, the chibi virtual version of Liang Qi that appeared in CANAAN episode 6.

The last volume of Fate/Zero Drama Cd and a box to contain all 4 volumes.

By far the most expensive item of this lot, Tsukihime Tsuushin Vol.2, a 4 pages leaflet that was a Tsukihime mail order privilege in 2001 and is available online in the old version of TYPE-MOON webpage. With this I have all 3 released!
T-Moon Complex X Soushuuhen 01 02 03, a compilation of the first 3 volumes of T-Moon Complex X crossover by Shirotsumekusa of circle Crazy Clover Club. Also included the convention only bonus C77 Omake Bon and an Arcueid and Saber clear posters.

Both posters displayed in the wall.

The picture diary compilation Enikki Recycle 13 and the omake book Dildo Stars (iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars) by A1 of Initial-G.

Sichimenchou from circle Kurusugawa Pikumintei works; the compilation of his blog entries Enikki Shuuroku CG Shuu and the copy-hon Aru Mousou no Sekaisen, a pin-up collection of the girls from the Xbox game Steins;Gate.

Cho Rakugaki 2009 Fuyu, a compilation of Tetsu works from circle Kimuchi. Sadly is even shorter than usual...

Ecchina Cosplay Asuka wo Meshiagare by Tsukimi Daifuku of the circle Shimekiri Sanpunmae.
Shortly before C76, I did a questionnaire in their homepage and complained about the lack of Evangelion... After that, the new release was this nice doujinshi starring a docile cosplayer Asuka. I want to believe that it was thanks to me...

2000---2009, a compilation of works by A-10 from the circle Gadget Koubou.
I don't recall when and how I found this circle, I think it was in 2001 when I found a scan of his doujin slow mo (included in this compilation) but may be even earlier.
A-10 is active since -at least- mid nineties and he does a lot of parodies with Iris from Sakura Taisen, Ishizu Moe from Gunparade March, Galadriel from Princess Crown and, oddly enough, Pastel and Princess Melora from TwinBee.

One of the few non-explicit pages.

His works have some weird fetishes (panty and body sniffing, crossdressing, girls getting laid while sleeping and/or drugged...), but his drawing style always keeps a "classical" feeling that I find very appealing.
Is the first time his works are sold at consignment shops (I purchased this via Tora no Ana webshop), so until now his doujinshi are usually sold for 1000-4000 yen at second hand shops. Because of that, even if this is not a complete compilation (he does a lot of colaborations in diferent circles), the 11 works included are really worth it.

Izurikona and Copy Hon Soushuuhen 3 by Kikuta Kouji of circle King Revolver. I also ordered the doujinshi Oute, but Shopping Mall Japan forgot to add it in this shipment...

More from the "Delusional Ladies series" by Tsukiwani from Circle Nurumaya; Yuukarin Yume Mosou, released for the Comiket 77, starring Yuuka and featuring Cirno and Wriggle, and Eikikki Yume Mousou, a Comic Treasure 15 release starring Shikieiki and featuring Komachi and Marisa.

And a box of Weiß Schwarz cards, THE IDOLM@STER Dearly Stars Extra Pack. Missing 12 for a non parallel full set.

I got an expensive parallel signed card of Ryo!


Lena said...

Hello, please tell me where did you get the Liang Qi plush doll?

: ))

Soth said...

I bought it via Yahoo! Auctions.
It was an Animate shop exclusive and it seems really hard to find now.
There's also a bigger version of it that was sold at the Comic Market 77, but is even more rare.

formerly said...

I've been looking all over for Tetsu's Cho Rakugaki Series! I know he's got one for Monster Hunter, Dragon's Crown, and Guilty Gear Xrd...I've love to be able to read them. But I can't find them for import! Do you know if it's possible to get them?

Soth said...

I buy them via Yahoo! Auctions + an auction service. Are really rare to come by (usually only the newest entry is available, and only a few days after a Comic Market). The link to search for them are or