Thursday, August 27, 2009

Comiket 76 coverage - Day 2

The second day was still very female oriented, but with some stuff like Touhou and Umineko that is popular among males as well.
Like the previous day, I woke up at 4 AM to take the first Yurikamome train and started the queue at 5:50.

The guy in front of me was wearing a Yuyuko hat. A lot of people was wearing Touhou related products...

First of all, I went to the corridor with the circles doing Capcom games stuff. I have a weak spot for old school Capcom games, specially their 2D fighting games.

potsu (circle Shouyu) works. I bought all the doujinshi that she had available; the older releases Ai Wa Makai Wo Sukue, Kurayami Bijin, Makai Tou No Meikyuu, Aoiki, Kairo Kouri, the new release With Floss Silk and a Morrigan mobile phone cleaner.

Random page in With Floss Silk.

I discovered her works when by chance I visited her blog, and I liked her style a lot (specially the colored ones). She is focused in Vampire/Darkstalkers series, specially Morrigan and Jedah. I wanted to visit her booth also in Comiket 75, but I was unable because Shiki bath towel was sold out when I arrived in the first day and I did again the queue in the second day.

Tetsu from circle Kimuchi works: Cho Rakugaki 2009 Haru released in the past Comic 1 and the new release Cho Rakugaki 2009 Natsu.

Random page in Cho Rakuragi 2009 Natsu.

Another author that I discovered by chance when I visited his blog. He is focused in Capcom games with special predilection with Ingrid, but he also draws from several series like Touhou, Culdcept or even TYPE-MOON. His drawing are truly gorgeous, but sadly his doujinshi are just a compilation of drawings from his blog... Again, I wanted to visit his booth in Comiket 75 but I was unable to do it.

My next stop was in the East halls 1-2-3 zone. It was so massively crowded with Touhou fans that the people in the horizontal and vertical corridors were making turns in order to move... After 15 minutes of struggle I managed to arrive at Black Sheep Symphony booth. There I greeted EvoSpace that was alone at that moment and I bought:

A shooting doujin game with TYPE-MOON characters, Type-A.

Then I went all the way to the commercial booths and I stood in the queue of Rondo Robe, that I skipped in the previous day because it was very crowded. After about an hour, I managed to buy the only thing that I wanted:

A casual Saber clear file and a telephone card.

After that I wanted to talk again with EvoSpace, but I was scared to return to the Hell on Earth that was the doujin game circles (sorry Evo, I really wanted to talk with you again!) so I headed to the hostal to recuperate.

In the train, I managed to take a few pics of the giant 1/1 Gundam that is displayed in Odaiba:
Not so great photo, but I'm not a Gundam fan anyways.

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