Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comiket 76 coverage - Day 0

Sorry for the lack of updates. Unpackaging my stuff is taking way more time than I expected and I'm slowly getting used to my "normal" life.

I'll begin with my Comic Market 76 coverage with a day 0, the day I left Kyoto and arrived to Tokyo.

The first thing I did once in Tokyo is visit TYPE-MOON headquarters located in Asakusabashi (a district near Akihabara).
Is not a well known fact, but the official name as a company is not "TYPE-MOON" but "Notes". For example, in the Kara No Kyoukai movies they appear as Notes in the credits.

Notes logo in the Kara No Kyoukai DVDs

And the building is this:

Notes is located in the non-labeled windows.

Is a bit anticlimactic, but after my visits to Gainax Studios in Koganei (Tokyo) and Leaf/Aquaplus main HQ in Yodogawa (Osaka), I somewhat expected something like this.

After that, I went to Akihabara. Since it was the previous day to the Comiket, it was crowed with people from all over Japan that comes to Tokyo for the Comic Market and takes the opportunity to visit Akihabara.

In K-Books I bought:

Emiya #0 was released in the Comiket 66 and sold in the Rondo Robe booth (Geneon Entertainment). The CD contains 13 songs from the Fate anime, including the remix of EMIYA that gives the name to the album.

It also contains a T-shirt (in the pic appears the rear side, in the front it only says "Unlimited Blade Works").

Die Lorelei was released also by Rondo Robe in the Comiket 67. The CD contains 4 songs; Die Lorelei (Illya's theme song), Elfe, Fever (Taiga's theme song) and the instrumental version of Memory (Saber's theme song).

It also contains 2 stickers and a handkerchief.

And at the end I fell to the dark side and bought Weiß Schwarz trading cards.
I bought a THE IDOLM@STER Trial Deck and 2 packs of Fate/stay night Booster Pack:

Weiß Schwarz, unlike Lycèe, uses mostly official art for the cards and that was a big plus for me. The rules are pretty easy, and is also easy to make an effective deck without much effort.

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Archerwannabe said...

Haha, to the dark side it is :P

Had no idea Type-moon was actually notes :D

I have the Emiya # 0 box too, but until now, first time I actually see what´s in it. It was unopened so I didn´t dear to open it.