Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai Mujun Rasen Key Illustrations

I planned to buy the Kara no Kyoukai Gengashuu (key illustrations, or "groundwork books" as Gainax call theirs) of the 5th Kara No Kyoukai movie in the Comiket, but while I was checking the Comic Market 76 catalog, I realized that this time ufotable didn't have an stand there.
Because of that, I ordered the books at their web shop, and I received them a moment ago.

Kara no Kyoukai Mujun Rasen movie is twice as long than the rest of the movies, so this time the book is released in two volumes.
Actually, each volume comes is a set of two books: the collection of key animations per se and a flip-book.

Shiki and Tomoe.

The "bad girl" smile of Tohko.

Arba playing with Tohko head.

Naughty Araya is using his tentacles with Shiki.

Seeing it frame per frame, I'm amazed at how they animated Shiki movements despite wearing a kimono.

The flying last attack.

After a brief research, I found that the book for the 6th movie will be actually sold at the Comiket, in the Bushiroad booth (the makers of Weiß Schwarz trading card game), so I must stop there as well.


Lauri said...

"Naughty Araya is using his tentacles with Shiki."
I laughed :D

Yeah, those books are awesome!

Too bad you can´t really flip through those books (or I just fail hard doing so).

Soth said...

Yes, the books are great but painfully heavy if you need to carry them around: I carried the first ones from Tokyo to Kyoto (along with all my Comiket purchases), and now I must carry this two with me all the way to the airport...

If you hold the book as the diagram says and don't flip too quickly, is actually possible to see it.

kyouray said...

Thanks for this review, it looks great. I've always wanted it but ufotable don't ship to Europe. We can just have storyboards...

Jarmel said...

Where you able to get the 6th movie sketchbook? I've been hunting and trying to find it with no success.

Soth said...


Sorry for the late reply.

The 6th movie book was sold only in the last Comic Market, but will be available sooner or later in ufotable webshop: