Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comiket 76 coverage - Day 1

The first day of Comic Market day is traditionally directed towards females, but is also crowded of males taking advantage of this day to make their purchases in the commercial booths.

I arrived at the Big Sight with the first Yurikamome train to be in the first batch of people entering at 10.

At 10:10, once I arrived inside I went directly to the TYPE-MOON booth queue. This time the queue was pretty short in comparision to the queue in C75; I waited about 15 minutes and acording of what I collected later, never went over 1 hour of wait.

In detail:

Summer Holiday Set: A bag, a plastic sheet to put on the floor in picnics and similar (with the same pic of the shitajiki) , a notebook, a folding fan (again, the same pic of the shitajiki) a shitajiki...

...and a Japanese style curtain with Shiki.

Mahou Tsukai No Yoru Set: A shirt, a B2 poster and a plastic case to hold them all.

Mahou Tsukai No Hako Set: A box, 2 micro posters, 4 coasters, 4 tea bags, 2 phone straps and 2 sets of stickers.

After that I went Bushiroad booth. I spent on the line about 2 hours, and I really repented of not doing this line in the first place. There I purchased:

CANAAN Set and Kara No Kyoukai Boukyaku Rokuon Gengashuu. CANAAN Set consisted in a t-shirt and a box of Weiß Schwarz cards, the CANAAN Extra Pack:

I'm missing 3 of the normal cards (that I'm willing to trade for the holographic ones)

Kara no Kyoukai Boukyaku Rokuon Gengashuu
, the key illustrations book for the 6th Kara No Kyoukai movie.

For every 3,000 yen spent, you got 2 random Weiß Schwarz promo cards, I got this:

And finally I went to HobiRecords booth to purchase Fate/Zero Drama CD 3:

Extremely moe loli-Rin and loli-Sakura in the back cover.


Anonymous said...

i have juste one question where di you buy the book of key of animation of kara no kyoukai ?? im a big fan of this anime and im very interested by this book

Soth said...

The book was sold in Bushiroad booth, but will be available sooner or later in ufotable webshop:

Anonymous said...

Yea it seems like it's not on the website yet. Also no YJA either so kinda stuck. It's kinda weird as it seems they list two books for the 5th movie yet when I ordered from HLJ it was one. Did they split it into two or am I missing one?

Soth said...


Sorry for the late reply.
HLJ only have the E-conte (the storyboard), that is only one book (picture here:
The Key Illustrations books for the 5th volume is two volumes, and can be found only in ufotable webshop or Yahoo! Auctions.