Thursday, September 3, 2009

Comiket 76 coverage - Day 3

The last Comiket day is mostly focused in ero contents and is the most crowded day. I limited my purchases because I lacked space (I ended with 32 kg in my luggage), money (I only had 30,000 yen, and I didn't wanted to take more money from an ATM only to change it in euro at my arrival) or enough time to redo my luggage (my flight was at 10 AM the day after).

In detail:

Aphrodisiac by tsuina (circle Tear Drop) was my top priority pick and the first place I went. Not only because I love his works, but this was his first all-color doujinshi and was focused on the Kurusugawa sisters and Serio!
In order to keep this blog at a moderately SFW level, I never upload pictures of the contents of the R-18 doujinshi that I buy, but sample pages are available at his website.

by Shirotsumekusa (circle CRAZY CLOVER CLUB). I still find this series rather uninspired, I hope once is finished he will return to gag or ero...

Milk Masters 2 by Kakyouin Chiroru from circle Kuro Yuki. I only watched the first two seasons of Futari Wa Pretty Cure, so I barely know the characters of the newer seasons and even I didn't know who was Kurumi in this doujinshi... Milk Masters follows the history of Milk Hunters series by the same circle.

Gang the Bandits by Saint Germain Saru from circle Shin Nihon Pepsitou, a circle focused on gang rape situations with fighting game characters.
Lately he was completely obsessed with Angel from King of Fighters, and since I don't like SNK characters that much I lost track of his newer works. Is nice to see some change, but I prefer when he does Capcom...

Izurumi from circle Nakayohi latest book, Miesugi T-Plugsuit and the omake book. Mostly an Asuka with the new test plugsuit pin-up collection (with 2 Mari pics). The bonus book is just the draft version of it.

Enikki Recycle 12, the usual biannual blog entries compilation of A1 (Initial-G). This time the omake book is about Yayoi and Hibiki from Idolm@ster.

Sichimechou from circle Kurusugawa Pikumin Tei works: the Comic 1 release Akai Akuma Wo Ijittemiyou!, the new release Kanojo-san To Issho (featuring the Houkago Play nameless girl) and the copy book Yume Club (Dream C Club).
Sichimenchou, like Kikuta, is another author that I found because he still draws Serio and Kurusugawa Ayaka, and is the only author that I keep visiting his diary since 2000 (mostly because he doesn't preserve his pictures, that are deleted at random intervals).

Tsukiwani from Circle Nuruma-ya works; his first doujin Yukarin Yume Mousou and the new release Yuyu-sama Yume Mousou.
I already talked about him and his doujinshi. His circle is only active since the past Winter Comiket and he only released 3 doujinshi. His clean art is pretty characteristic, and all his doujinshi until now are focused in the more "onee sama" characters of Touhou universe (Yukari, Kanako and Yuyuko) acting extremely naively towards sex.

A cd with two CG sets: Tokimeke! Lockhart and Minimum Style that was sold at the circle Toushiryoku Laboratory booth, maker of the doujin games Tifatan X and Tifatan X2.
Tokimeke! Lockhart is drawn by Toushiryoku and is Tifa only, while Minimum Style is drawn by Konpet and features the loli characters from Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6 and 9.

Kirihara Kotori (circle Shoujo Hyouhon) works. The new releases Kedamono No Kodomotachi and Pocket Ni Itsumo Uta-hime Wo and the Comitia release Chocolat.
Kirihara Kotori is a close friend of TYPE-MOON staff, specially Takeuchi Takashi, so him, OSKG and even Nasu Kinoko did collaborations in her doujinshi at one point or another.
At first I began to buy her works only for the collaborations. I disliked her shoujo-ish drawings, but after a while I got hooked to her works. She indistinctively made ero and non ero stories, and are fairly interesting.

And of course Kikuta Kouji works from circle King Revolver: Space R, the copy book Neck Hunter and the signed shikishi with Serio that he drew for me. I'm very, very grateful to Kikuta who acceded to draw it even when he was without sleep and alone in the booth. ありがと、 キクタ先生!

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