Thursday, September 17, 2009

September update

It's been a while since my last entry, but I'm having problems with my university (basically I can't finish the studies until the convalidations of the subjects that I did in Japan are over, but they are putting a fly in the ointment...) and with my job (I can't reincorporate until an official convocation is held), so I'm very busy lately.
Sorry to all the people who tried to get in touch with me these past days.

September purchases:

At the begining of the month I received an package. While in Japan I forgot how expensive the shipping costs are.

TYPE-MOON ACE vol. 3, CompAce October '09 Issue (that I bought only for the MELTY BLOOD Actress Again drama cd), Fate/stay night vol. 10, MELTY BLOOD vol. 7 and My Heaven, the ending song single from CANAAN.

A bit of info about Mahou Tsukai No Yoru in TYPE-MOON ACE vol. 3. I'm still disappointed with Koyama doing the art...

Interview about CANAAN. I only watched until episode 6, since my arrival I use the computer way less than before...

All Around TYPE-MOON one shot manga. The main characters do a mind swap and both Kohaku and Magical Amber tries to solve it... or not.

MELTY BLOOD bonus chapter featuring a dream scene with Satsujinki...

And Hazakura Romantic one shot manga, based in the April Fools joke BL game.

Fate/stay night vol. 10. The story is getting pretty weird...

And MELTY BLOOD vol. 7. Kirishima's style really improved when compared with the first volume, and I find this new arc pretty amusing.

Then I received the Shopping Mall Japan orders that I had:

Cho Rakuraki 2008 Fuyu from circle Kimuchi. The doujinshi that was unable to purchase in the C75.

And MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Limited Edition for PS2. Until now, I only played 30 minutes...

Extra poster.

And a seifuku Akiha telephone card (WonderGOO shop privilege)

In a supermarket I found 2 interesting dvd's in the bargain corner:

Kon Satoshi's Millenium Actress and the second Ranma 1/2 movie. Both still unopened.

Via eBay I bought:

Weiß Schwarz THE IDOLM@STER Box. Not counting the SP ones, I'm missing 9 for a complete set (missing 01, 06, 26, 30, 32, 51, 55, 76 and 78).

The gorgeous climax cards + Kotori, drawn by Annindoufu.

An sleeve pack and a Chihaya promo card.

The most valuable card that I got: the Special Rare card of Futami Ami, and a gold card.

And finally, September 14th was my birthday, so as a present I received:

The limited edition of Dissidia for PSP. I only played the first tutorial so I don't know much of the game yet...

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Sirsus said...

Hey, happy birthday!!! Sorry about the university stuff, I feel your pain (I've also had some problems with convalidations).