Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comic Market 80 doujinshi loot

Late and brief review of C80 releases (and some Comitia releases as well) that I bought:

As usual, those are mostly works from the circles that I systematically follow. In detail:

T-Moon Complex X 07, keeping the excessively long Fate vs. Tsukihime crossover by Shirotsumekusa of circle Crazy Clover Club and Mado☆Magi Complex, an updated version of his previous work.
This time bonus is a shitajiki with Arcueid in one side and the T-Moon Complex cover in the other.

Konton Lady Studio Ryuu Soushuuhen from circle Konton Lady Studio, a compilation of IDOLM@STER works that are not part of their Super Kotori Time series.
Their released 2 compilations at the same time: Ryuu, this one, is focused in the works drawn by Tee and Tora, focused in the works of DIT. Sadly I was unable to find the other volume...

The works by Kikuta Kouji from circle King Revolver: Futanari Gohan (featuring futa Mami and Homura "playing" with a non-futa Madoka) Natsu No Bunny (featuring several characters in bunny outfits, but mostly Mami from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica), Summer Pudding (starring a yukata dressed Rider) and the copy-shi Serio-san to Ecchishiyou starring Serio.

Atsui Hi Daradara by Takemura Sessyu from the circle Chotto Dake Aru Yo., starring extremely lewd versions of Makoto and Miki staying at Producer's home.

Hijirin Yume Mousou and Mima-sama Yume Mousou by Tsukiwani of Circle Nurumaya.
When I was living in Japan I was strongly exposed to Touhou universe, but now my interest in it is quickly fading (I didn't play anything since Subterranean Animism). Besides that, Tsukiwani does exactly the same situation in every issue, and while it was fresh in the first ones, after 14 issues it's a bit repetitive...

And Enikki Recycle 16, the blog entries compilation of A1 (Initial-G) covering the second half of 2010. The omake booklet features Chihaya from IdolM@ster.

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