Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doujinshi loot

This is a really late review of the doujinshi received in early march:

Most of them are c79 releases from the authors I follow.

In detail:
Kikuta Kouji works (circle King Revolver): Mata Rider-san ni Nukareteru (Rider), Dopyu! to Atsumare Hana no Power (Cure Sunshine from HeartCatch PreCure!), Oppai Kikou (Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles) and BunnyHo, featuring bunny versions of Rider and Saizaki Minori from the manga Hokenshitsu no Shinigami.

Milk Angels 1 by Kakyouin Chiroru from circle Kuro Yuki. Is the follow up of his previous titles Milk Hunters and Milk Masters, but this time moving on to the cast of Fresh Precure!

Enikki Recycle 15 compilation of A1 (Initial-G) blog entries and the bonus book Ryuugu Komachi de Dokki Doki, featuring short haired Asuza and Iori from iM@S 2 plus a 3 pages collaboration by Nekoi Mii featuring Miki.

Tsukiwani from Circle Nuruma-ya works; Dai-chan Yaku Mousou, featuring Daiyousei, Rumia and Keine and his first non-ero work Alice no Tanjoubi, starring Alice and Marisa.

T-Moon Complex EX, the latest work by Shirotsumekusa of circle Crazy Clover Club, a bonus calendar and the 4 pages omake book Arcueid Complex 0.1.

This time he didn't had enough time to do his Fate vs. Tsukihime crossover, and did a gag doujinshi of Fate/EXTRA instead. I'm glad about it, because he's much better at gag situations.

Yuzuki N' (circle Lv. X+) stuff. A doujin based in her commercial work Another World called Another Another World and the C79 releases: the Amagami books Watashi no Itoshi no Wanko-kun (featuring Ayatsuji Tsukasa and Morishima Haruka), Soen Rihoko (starring Sakurai Rihoko) and the short and Valkyria Chronicles 3 centered Omake no Rakugaki Hon.

Super Kotori Time Soushuuhen Vol. 1 from circle Konton Lady Studio. This circle is formed by two artists Tee (drawings) and DIT (story) and is focused in IDOLM@STER works. They have another circle, Chaotic Otome Studio, for their non-ero and non-IM@S works.
This is the compilation of their previous works, starring Otonashi Kotori having erotic delusions with the IM@S girls. Tee drawings are really good and his works was in my wishlist for a while, so this compilation was an instant buy.

Takemura Sessyu works from the circle Chotto Dake Aru Yo. I knew the author for his commercial work Take on Me, but it was his first IDOLM@STER doujinshi that caught my attention. Haruka to Chihaya to Producer is, as the name suggest, a competent story about Haruka, Chihaya and Producer. The girls act a bit bitchy for my tastes, but the drawings are good looking. And totally not expected, X is a futanari orgy with Ryo as the special guest. I can tolerate futa in very small doses, so I'm not sure if I want to keep buying Takemura's works...

And Mahou Shoujo Soushuuhen 2 by RAITA from circle Zettai Shoujo. I already bought the previous compilation in 2006, and I patiently awaited for this.
Mahou Shoujo
is an original story about a series of magical girls fighting sex fiends. As usual, RAITA's drawings are great and keeps improving.

Sasaki, the main heroine, in her first appearance (2003).

And this is Sasaki most recent design.


Anonymous said...

hey! do you know where I could get Mahou Shoujo Soushuuhen 1 and 2 by RAITA? I've been looking for it forever.

Soth said...

I bought the firts part at Mandarake a few years ago, and the second part at Tora no Ana using a deputy service.

Both issues are available at Mandarake right now, http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/shop/en/search.do?searchStrategy=keyword&action=keyword&doujin=all&keyword=raita