Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shin Seiki Evangelion volume 12

Shin Seiki Evangelion volume 12 by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki was released in April, but I forgot to buy it until a while back.

This is the manga series that I'm following for the longest time. The first volume was released in 1995 and is still ongoing. Sadamoto finishes each volume in one or two years, so it advances really slow...

It was the first manga series that I bought in Japanese because I was not happy with the Spanish edition quality. Until now I bought all the volumes so far:

Those are the 12 volumes plus the limited editions of volume 7 (two types, Rei & Asuka versions) and the limited volume 9.

The story follows the End of Evangelion movie quite closely, but with some notable differences:

Badass Gendou using an AT-Field

Recovered Asuka against the JSDF

Misato's farewell

The volume finish with the battle against the Eva series.

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