Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas presents

A bit late, but this is the otaku related presents that I received for Christmas:

  • Weiss Schwarz Melty Blood Trial Deck
  • Weiss Schwarz Fate/stay night Booster Box
  • Weiss Schwarz Fate/hollow ataraxia Extra Booster Box
  • Final Fantasy IV for NDS
  • Odin Sphere for PS2
Final Fantasy IV is a remake of the original FFIV, but with the same graphics used for the remake of FFIII . Next year they will release another port of FFIV for the PSP, but I think I'll pass this time....

Odin Sphere was a totally unexpected gift! I recall saying to the person that gave it to me that Odin Sphere was the spiritual successor of Princess Crown (a game that I never had the chance to play but I liked the visuals a lot) and I would like to play Odin Sphere sometime... but I wasn't begging for it or anything!

Unlike the games, WS cards were pretty much expected (I asked specifically for them).

The Melty Blood Trial Deck contains "5 trial deck only cards" (the last 5 in the pic) unlike the other Trial Decks that I purchased, that only had 2.

The parallel card that I got from the Fate/stay night Booster Box was the triple R "Kishi Ou Saber", and I'm missing 7 cards for a full set.

Illustrated by Fujima Takuya, the author of Idolm@ster Break!

I didn't have the same luck with the Fate/hollow ataraxia Extra Booster Box. Even with the box that I bought last year, I have only 30 out of 45 of the normal ones and 17 out of 45 of the parallel ones. For Weiß Schwarz trades, please visit this post.

Is late to wish for a Merry Christmas, so Happy New Year!

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