Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition by GSC

In mid November I received Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition by Good Smile Company, but I didn't open the box until today.

Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition is different from a regular nendoroid figure because has articulation points throughout the body. Neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees, feet... a total of 21 points of articulation puts this at the poseability level of a figma. Also, part of the hair and the front part of the skirt are of soft material that can be bended, adding more moveability.

Not counting Saber Lion and Saber Lily, this is the first Fate/stay night nendoroid that doesn't have the SD style from the game. The sculpt job on nendoroids is getting better and better, and out of the 11 nendoroids that I have this is easily the best looking one.

The extra parts included are 3 faces (smiling, yelling and angry), 3 pairs of hands, 3 swords (Excalibur, Invisible Air Excalibur and Caliburn) and 2 scabbards (Avalon and Caliburn's scabbard).
The base is new in the nendoroid line. Is quite ugly but does it's job better than most of the bases (specially the awful saddle-like one of Saber Lion).

Even with all the articulation points, is hard as hell to pose properly due to the enormous head and the tiny arms (the picture is an attempt to do the Triumphant Excalibur pose). The joints (specially the shoulders ones) are extremely loose and tend to pop out at every movement.

The third face is a SD face from the game, officially called Hetare Saber (good-for-nothing Saber). Here is how appears in Fate/hollow ataraxia Illya's Castle mini-game:


Ian said...

I actually opened mine just today--3 days after you opened yours. I agree, it's kind of hard to pose but really does look good, especially when you got your poses. :)

Ryo said...

Genial! has conseguido la Nendoroid de Saber *_____* es monisima, espero poderla conseguir pronto yo también! >_<

P.D: Siempre adoraré la cara de Hetare Saber! xDDDDDDDDDDD

Archerwannabe said...

Merry christmas!
Although a bit late.

Soth said...


Even more late, thanks!