Friday, January 8, 2010

Melty Blood Actress Again Koushiki Complete Guide

Melty Blood Actress Again Koushiki Complete Guide is the last guidebook for Melty Blood. It was released in September but I received it a couple of days ago. HobbyLink Japan had it on back-ordered status all this time...

I pretty much purchased every single guidebook for this series until now, even if most of the time the contents are almost identical...

All the Melty Blood Guidebooks that I have.

The previously released one was for the arcade version and didn't even included the bio for Dust of Osiris, but is included in this guidebook:

Of course includes all the info for the PS2 port extra characters:

Princess Arcueid (Archetype-Earth) moveset. Too bad that is just a buffed Arcueid and only uses the dress and the long hair at the beggining of the round and in the victory pose.

Ryougi Shiki and school uniform Akiha story script.

G Akiha in Boss Rush mode. Her moveset was really improved, now is not an Apocalypse clone anymore.

To tell the truth, I didn't played the PS2 version of Melty Blood Actress Again that much, and I really feel that Melty Blood series is now somewhat burnout... Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, right now in arcade location test phase, most likely will be the last installment in the series (and most likely ported to PC).


Archerwannabe said...

Oh wow, I´ve only bothered with one of those, and from the top of my head I´d actually check out which one it was to remember :D

Unlike Act cadenza I´ve actually spent a decent amount of time playing Actress again. I do suffer from the lack of opponents but I pretty much play whenever I have a chance to.

Hoping for a pc port for actress again. Something that would run on my laptop this time around D:
I´d still want my Roa Ciel and SHIKI in there, but I doubt it´s even possibility.

And alhough kinda late, happy new year!

Soth said...

I played until I unlocked Archetype-Earth.

I expected to play way more, but I didn't got used to the new styles and stopped to try them... Also, my brother doesn't like the game so I also played by myself T_T

I suppose once is released for PC I'll play a bit more. I also wish new characters to complete the roster.

Happy New Year to you too!