Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/8 Kokutou Azaka by Movic

1/8 Kokutou Azaka by Movic is the first figure ever of Azaka from Kara No Kyoukai. Compared with Fate/stay night figures, Kara No Kyoukai figures are really scarce.

The sculpt is by Nishimura Naoki (aka Pilot). Despite being distributed by Movic, the maker is actually Kotobukiya, so quality is guaranteed.

Close up of the face. She resembles the original art nicely, unlike some other works from the same sculptor...

The dynamic pose, the sculpt and the paint job are good, but it feels a bit simple when compared with recent figures.

As an "extra" you can put a flame in her fist, but it looks lame so I display her without it.


Archerwannabe said...

The flame is not lame D:

Finally got mine on friday. Been a while since I got a figure I was looking forward for this much.

For me, I was screaming in horror when I found out it was from Kotobukiya (as, compare to GSC Shiki and Alter Touko), but I´m quite pleasantly suprised by this.
Still though, it´s not Alter D:

Though, the pose is asking for leaning unfortunately, doesn´t look exactly stable. And yeah, still quite simple design for the figure. The flame is really the only thing that stands out and well, I have to admit they could´ve done better job with it.

Azaka being my one of my favourite characters ever, this is of course one my favourite figures too.
Now I have to figure out some place to display her here, so little room.

Soth said...

Well, I strongly dislike the "special effects" on figures, so I'm biased here.

Kotobukiya was my favorite figure maker ten years ago, before Alter, GSC and the revamped Max Factory existed. Now Kotobukiya popularity is average but it really used to be a popular maker and one of the few that sold "complete figures" and not just resin kits.

Azaka is my favorite character from Kara no Kyoukai, too, and is really a shame that they do so few TYPE-MOON figures besides the overrated Saber (that according to My Figure Collection, I own 51 of them).

Archerwannabe said...

Haha, indeed.

Then again I for one, save money as they only put out Saber :P
Well, my count is higher than it´s supposed to be as well...

And cheers for the fellow Azaka fan.

Yeah, Kotobukiya isn´t bad. It just isn´t there with Alter and GSC unfortunately.