Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Canaan Nendoroid and Figma

Nendoroid Canaan by Good Smile Company and Figma Canaan by Max Factory.

The anime CANAAN was not as good as I expected, but perhaps expected way too much from it.
It had an incredible animation and excellent character design, but the pace and the interesting setting drops a lot after the first few episodes and doesn't recovers until the last few episodes. They wasted 6 or 7 episodes in a 13 episodes series, leaving lots of things unexplained and finish it with a reset button ending (well, almost, since there are missing things).

Well returning to the figures, Nendoroid Canaan includes 3 faces, a bagpack, a Beretta and a sugar stick, as well as several arms and two pairs of legs.

Standard pose, with the serious face.

Synesthetic eyes face and the extra legs to do the pose from the upcoming 1/8 Canaan figure by Good Smile Company

Happy face, bagpack and sugar stick.

Figma Canaan
comes with the same 3 faces, the Beretta and one of the left hands carrying a sugar stick. For a figma, the accesories are somewhat scarce...

Happy face and sugar stick.

The neck is facing a bit towards the front and gives Canaan a hunchbacked aspect. Some of the figma that I own also have the same particularity in the sculpt (Shirou and Drossel, for example) but is more noticeable in Canaan because of her slender body.

Synesthetic eyes face and a lousy attempt to do the 1/8 Canaan figure pose.

An extra part to do a "firing effect" is included, but only looks good in photos.

The serious face. The gun can slide a bit to "reload".

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