Friday, May 4, 2012

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Chapter 4 SPOILERS


After a brief flashback of the time when Aoko became the sucessor of the Aozaki's magecraft, Aoko and Alice are holding a meeting in the mansion talking about the unexpected intruder and the progress on their investigations of who he was. Alice is using her magical birds familiars to search the town, but they are pretty innefective at night, while Aoko is using Tobimaru and the student council data to gather info about the students that are loitering late at night.
Aoko says with animosity that perhaps is Alice fault for not casting correctly the magic barrier, but Alice replies that the barrier was perfect as always. Then when Aoko is pondering what kind of powerful magus can break Alice barrier, Alice says that it was not a magus, it was a guy without any trace of magic.

Aoko, when decided to follow the way of magi a few days ago, was resolute to kill any magus that interfered with her, but now her target is a normal human... Alice asks again if she will continue that path, and Aoko replies that yes, that she wouldn't turn back. So then Alice gives her an empty medecine bottle that works as the red gourd that appears in Journey to the West (a person is trapped inside once you open the lid and call his name), but the bottle can be break if the person inside resists with full force.

Then both take supper together, while Aoko explains how this morning Yamashiro asked her to help to decide Soujuurou in an extracurricular activity team, and thinking to herself how he said that "she would understand" but she have no clue of what he was talking about. Alice interrupts her thinking saying that Aoko wants to fight that person.  

Aoko overreacts saying that she doesn't have any interest nor she wants any relation with him and when Alice asks what is she babbling about, Aoko swiftly tries to change the subject. Alice finally asks if she really hates him, Aoko replies that of course, Alice asks why she hates him and Aoko finally catches the contradiction that there is no reason at all. Aoko keeps thinking about the reason for that irrational hate, and Alice leaves the room saying that it's pretty ucharacteristic for Aoko.

After supper, Aoko goes to her studio to make a plan. It must be a head to head battle even if her rival is a normal human, and decides to use a cage. She talks with Alice to finish the details of the plan. Alice suggest to trap him in a mirror world, and gives Aoko the idea of a mirror house. When alone, Alice talks with a robin if is a good idea leave Aoko alone, and decides to act as well.

At school the next day, Tobimaru gives the students reports to Aoko, saying that transfer students like Soujuurou are still not included but most likely is not him because he returns late after his job but he said that night saw an strange murder, so most probably had a bad dream at his home. Aoko says to herself that it can't be.
Once outside Aoko sees Alice in the school gate. She identified the pattern of the intruder in the magic barrier and is checking all the students. Once Soujuurou appears, he thanks Aoko for trying to find a club for him, but the swimming team, the one that Aoko "forceful suggested", rejected him because he can't swim. When is leaving, Aoko presents him an hypotetical situation: He is starving to death along with a kitten and a lion. If he had a gun at the moment, what animal he will kill? Soujuurou says that he will not kill anyone since all 3 are in the same situation.

When he leaves, Alice calls Aoko, but she replies that she also knows: Soujuurou is the witness.
In the story of the lion and the cat, the lion have more risk because it can counterattack, but since is a strong animal the use of a gun is kinda justified. The cat is the weakest target and everyone should feel bad for killing an undefenced animal. Soujuurou choose an outrageous option and opted to sacrifice himself. Killing Soujuurou, that came from the mountains and lives alone with no relatives in the city, feels like killing the cat for Aoko. She is getting angry until Alice notes the bandages Soujuurou have in the neck, and Aoko recalls how he is wearing them since the first time she saw him.
In the way home, Alice asks when she will kill him, and a smiling Aoko says that tonight, in the City of Dreams.

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