Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Chapter 3 SPOILERS

Chapter 3 is very short and consist of only one scene.  


Is a moonless night, Aoko recalls how a long time ago in a night like that she felt like something was following her and ran to her grandfather's place. Her grandfather said that "the red death was looking at her back", and certainly she felt a presence being closer to her each year it passes...

Aoko and Alice are in a park at night, preparing for Aoko's first battle. Alice casts a magic barrier, and Aoko activates her magic crest. She detects a figure lurking in the shadow and almost at the same moment the figure attacks her stretching its arms.  

Aoko dodges the attack and begins to cast a spell using a magic circle that was installed beforehand. The magic attack burns completely the attacker.

Aoko cautiously approach the body and sees that it doesn't have a face, is just a mannequin, but even despite that this was her first battle. Suddenly she realizes that they are not alone, because she sees a figure of a guy dressed with their school uniform.

She tries to chase him but is in vain since the guy runs away extremely quickly. Aoko doesn't know how he crossed the magic barrier, but since is a witness she must find and silence him.

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