Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Chapter 2 SPOILERS

Ten days have passed since Soujuurou began attending to school, and is slowly getting used to the school and to the life in the city. That day during the lunch break is dragged out of the classroom by Tsukiji Tobimaru, the vice president of the student council, to take part of the winter special cleaning group. Once in the student council room, Tobimaru reveals that he was asked to look after Soujuurou by order of the student council president Aoko. They both talk for a while, and the cynical Tobimaru is impressed by the honest personality of Soujuurou, and somewhat become friends.

In the conversation, Tobimaru explains the rumour of when Aoko entered high school her beatiful looks was secretely worshipped by fellow students, until one of them annoyed her too much so she kicked his face. Since then Aoko was labeled as a daredevil, and is not approached.  
Tobimaru says that if Soujuurou feels his heart pounding is not love but fear, but Soujuurou replies that he doesn't really understands his feelings towards Aoko. They didn't talk since their first meeting, but he sometimes feels the gaze from someone who is worried for him, and is very grateful to her for the explanations in the first day. He also says that the first time he saw Aoko he thought she was beautiful, and since she made the effort of showing her beatiful appearance he can judge her inner beauty as well. Tobimaru confuses that somewhat weird explanation as Soujuurou truly in love with Aoko.

After that Soujuurou begins to explain what happened to him yesterday at night, but the scene changes to Aoko asking for Soujuurou in his classroom. One of the classmates explains that he left with Tobimaru towards the student council room, so she dashes towards it. In the meantime Soujuurou finishes the explaination and asks Tobimaru if that is normal in the city. Tobimaru says that of course that's not normal, and he must had some sort of hallucination because of the fatigue due to overwork and the stress of living in an urban area. Sojuurou replies that he also thought it was not normal; a fight between a person using something like a flamethrower against a person holding some sort of extensive blade with the result of one student of his school killing a person in the park, but he was asking just to make sure.
After a while Aoko enters the room giving killer glares, and asks Soujuurou to quickly decide in an extracurricular activity team. He replies that he thought she would understand and it might be strong there, but leaves the room after saying that he will enter one club tomorrow. 

Once Soujuurou leaves, Tobimaru doesn't quite understand why she is so harsh towards a nice fellow such as Soujuurou, so he says that Soujuurou is in love with her. Aoko goes blank for a moment, but then react as if nothing happened. Tobimaru then asks for the reason she hates Soujuurou, and Aoko says that she doesn't understands her own feelings. Tobimaru notes that Soujuurou gave the exact same reply, angering immensely Aoko.

Soujuurou is working at one of his two part-time jobs at a pachinko parlour. One customer is using a machine that is giving a 100% hit ratio and since is in a blind spot of the security camera, the manager asks Soujuurou to check if is cheating or not. He goes to check the customer, and sees a woman slightly older than him, with red dyed hair, wearing glasses and a green dress. When they eyes meet, Soujuurou recognizes her as the same person of yesterday, feels panicked and rushes out of the pachinko parlour.

Once he makes sure nobody is following him, he sits at a train station. He ponders his situation, and relizes that his mind is very tired of the new experience of living in the city. The way of living in the city seems like magic to him, so maybe is not strange that an actual magician is hidding in the city as well...

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