Friday, April 27, 2012

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Chapter 1 SPOILERS

Still playing Mahoyo in my free time, just reached the 3rd chapter. Since I'm reading it slower than I expected, it actually will take me a while to complete...
Usually I'm not that slow reading visual novels in Japanese, but until now there's a complete absense of action parts, just slice of life and over accurate descriptions. In English I can read faster in the non key scenes, but I can't do the same in Japanese, and for now I'm finding extremely tedious to read more than one scene in one go...

Anyways, I was asked by a couple of persons who don't speak Japanese to do an outline of each chapter, and since is more practical to do a brief description of each chapter instead of trying to summarize the whole game, I'll try to do that.

First of all, my Japanese is nowhere near perfect, so take my word with a grain of salt. Second, don't expect this to be quick (I need to be in the mood to read the game AND to write in this blog). And lastly, there's the possibility of dropping the whole idea and do only a summary of the whole game instead.

And before starting, in the game once you finish each chapter you unlock aditional chapters in the Archive mode, labeled as X.5 and taking place between the chapters. For now I'm only reading the main chapters first, and I'll do the extra ones once I finish the game. Also, if I find some glaring omission that is needed in further chapters, I'll edit that post to add that new info.


The game starts  with a flashback 8 years ago, and is narrated in a weird 3rd person / 1st person perspective. A young girl (her name is erased in the texts) is asked by her father to turn on the key of the car to warm it in one chilly morning, but inside the engine were hidding a cat and two kittens.

Once the engine started the cats were killed, and the saddened girl carried one of the kittens (the one that was not killed instantly) to her grandfather's place. He was a magus, so she asked him to revive the dead kitten. The magus was unable to do it, but in that moment another she was born by mistake, a she that became the little girl shadow and that was the first day they met.

After that, there's the opening scene that was included in the demo. Aozaki Aoko, after working all night is going to sleep, until is interrupted by a persistent call from her school, urging her to go there for an urgent matter despite that day was the foundation day holiday.

The person who called her was the teacher Yamashiro, in order to guide around the campus a new transfer student Shizuki Soujuurou. The reason to choose her is not only because she is the student council president, but because he thinks Aoko is the perfect person to teach Soujuurou, a rather oddball person that came from a very rural location and is still adjusting to living in the city. 
Aoko is not a girl that hides her feelings, and is quite harsh whith the teacher and by extension with Soujuurou, that ruined her holiday day.

Aoko is not happy, but earnestly shows Soujuurou around. Because he was living deep in the mountains without even electricity, is pretty naive towards how the modern world works. He's also very sincere but tactless and does a commentary about the harsh way Aoko glares, angering her even more.
After several hours, Soujuurou asks permisson to leave, since he's late for his part-job, and while is saying good-bye to Aoko, he is trying to leave the school jumping out of the window (in a second floor). After Aoko stops him and shows the exit, she wonders if he will be ok...

The next scene also appears in the demo. After returning home, checked how her experiment that was working all night failed and changed clothes, she fall asleep in the sofa. Once awake she have a talk with Kuonji Alice, the other person living with her in the large mansion. They talk about Aoko's experiment that went wrong and recalled how she ended using the whole day showing the campus to Soujuurou, until they bring the delicate matter of Aoko in the need to choice to live as a magus or as a normal girl. Aoko says that in a week she will decide and needs Alice to get the preparations ready. 

The conversation ends with the  rather puzzling matter of Alice seeing a giant cat delivering meal, and when Aoko tries to order two meals by phone, Alice responds that she doesn't need it because the cat already gave her one.

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