Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fate/Zero Volume 3 Limited Edition

I was expecting to do an entry about Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, but since it's been a week since it was sent by EMS and still I didn't received, most likely is hold on customs and it will take at least another week ;_;

Well, instead I'll review Fate/Zero Volume 3 Limited Edition that I received last week along with iM@S 6.

The limited edition of Fate/Zero 3 includes an alternate cover drawn by Takeuchi Takashi and a figure based in the image.

Like the previous figure of Saber included in the Young Ace, this one is also made by Kaiyodo and sculpted by Enoki Tomohide. The face, the most important part for me in any given figure, is not as good as the previous one but still better than the usual Enoki sculpts.

Side view. The shirt have a subtle color gradient to give the effect of translucency, and in this angle her panties are showing. Too bad the head looks hideous.

Back. They opted to paint white the Invisible Air covered Excalibur. If using clear plastic was too expensive, at least the color should be silver....

A set of 6 postcards are also included, 3 drawn by Takeuchi and 3 drawn by Shinjiro.

The manga itself covers up to the scene when Caster shows himself to Saber, and also includes as flashbacks how Caster and Berserker were summoned.

I said that the uncut scenes in the Blu-ray edition of Fate/Zero were not as gore as I expected, and in that aspect the manga is rather graphic.

Ryuunosuke tunning the "human instrument" an scene from the novels that doesn't appear in the anime.

There are several scenes not included in the anime that appears in the manga version, like the meeting of Ryuunosuke with his sister, and some other scenes are way, way more explicit. Not only the gore show of Caster and Ryuunosuke, but also scenes like Sakura being raped by thousands of worms are shown without little to no constraint.


Anonymous said...

Have you added these two figures to Tsuki yet? I don't see them in the base. Thank you for sharing.

Soth said...

I added the first one several months ago ( ). This one is also there ( )