Saturday, April 28, 2012

1/8 Saber Lily by Gift

I keep piling unopened big scale figures. Yesterday I received a new one and still have six more that I need to review... so let's begin the figures reviews with one I received over 9 months ago: 1/8 Saber Lily by Gift.

Like the previously released Sakura and regular Saber, this figure is also sculpted by Toda Satoshi, that have a particular sculpting style of doing very detailed bodies and somewhat realistic faces that doesn't give an "anime feel".

This time there's no alternate heads sculpted by another artist, but is not really needed since this face is pretty good despite not being faithful to Saber original design. The face, and specially the eyes paintjob is much better than previous works by Toda, like his previous normal version Saber.

Side view. Since the carvings are more abundant in Lily's armor than in regular and Alter's ones, Toda sculpt abilities shines at his best here.

Rear view.

The base is mirrored, so the also very detailed underwear can be easily seen as well.


Arietta said...

I didn't realize this was 1/8 scale until you mentioned it. I always assumed it was 1/7 or 1/6.

While I'm not very fond of Gift's other Saber figures, I quite like Lily and I might eventually hunt this one down when I'm not overwhelmed by other things to buy.

Soth said...

Yes, is 1/8 scale, and Saber is a small character so is closer in size to the 1/10 figures by Wave than the 1/7 ones by GSC...
I also not very proud of Gift figures, but out of the 5 that I have (this one, Sakura, normal Saber and the two versions of Saber Alter) this is the one that I like the most.