Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV

My brother bought Super Street Fighter IV for PS3 at the beginning of the month, and I've been playing non-stop until today (side effects of being jobless).

I must admit that I wasn't happy with the aesthetics of SF4, and I really hated the idea of a main SF game in 3D. When I was in Japan I refused to play SF4 in the arcades and I didn't really paid attention to it until I returned to Spain and played my brother's copy. It doesn't really looks like an Street Fighter game but plays like one.

I think Juri is the most interesting new character, and the only good looking Capcom new female character since Ingrid (C.Viper feels more like a SNK character than a Capcom one).

Juri and her sexy tongue

Juri is the first evil female in SF world (C.Viper was a double agent) and her psycho behavior and sadistic nature is kind of cool. It also helps her crazy/sadistic/erotical voice by a surprising Kitamura Eri.

Honorific mention goes to the extremely hot wife of Hakan:

Surely she beats all the other SF wives: Sally (Dhalsim's), Julia (Guile's) and Eliza (Ken's)

I'm a slightly above average player and I main Cammy (since Super Street Fighter II), but I managed to get all the 35 characters to rank C, a not so hard feat but extremely time consuming... I'm only missing about 40% of the characters trials, but is impossible for me to achieve that.

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