Monday, May 24, 2010

1/6 Saber Alter Maid version by Alter

A few days back, I received at last 1/6 Saber Alter Maid version by Alter.

I did a pre-order via Tokyo Hunter back in September, since it was sold only through Hobby Japan online shop.

Like the previously released, 1/6 Saber Maid version, the sculpt is by Kuramoto Ikuma from circle Millimeter Modeling.

The figure is truly gorgeous. I don't like Kuramoto's job with the faces that much, but the amount of sculpt details compensates it by far.

The paintjob is also excellent, just look the weathering job in the bucket. Saber Alter's skins seems way too pale, but the character IS already very pale per se.

Side view. Great detail in the frills and wrinkles of the maid uniform. Is hard to see in the pictures, but unlike 1/6 Saber Maid version, the white is actually a pearly white.

Back view. I like how she's holding the bucket lifting her little finger.

As an extra, a mini Saber maid is included:

I'm not very fond of SD characters, but this is even cuter than the nendoroids!

The size is about 6 centimeters, but with the same quality sculpt than the main one.

So cute!

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